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MBR Sewage Treatment Plant

Our MBR based sewage treatment plant is the combination of activated sludge processes and membranes filtration. We provide Individual Membrane based module followed by MBR sewage treatment plant and submerged membranes which is integral to the biological reactor with online backwash system for smooth operation. Our advance eco friendly MBR sewage treatment plant is intended to attain to high caliber of treated water and decrease operation cost chemical utilization. Incorporate submersible membrane filtration in our MBR sewage treatment plant vanish the need of clarifier, settler, polishing units.


  • Plant range from 10 KLD to 200 KLD.
  • Dual screen system enhance Treatment.
  • Module types plug N play system.
  • Operating Mode Manual/Automatic.
  • Designed for high BOD, COD & TSS reduction.
  • Available in Module or Civil structure.
  • Flexible to do aboveground / underground.
  • Effective polishing unit.
  • Low level of Nuisance.
  • Equipped with monitoring & measuring system.
  • Long desludging period.
  • Small foot print .


  • Reuse of waste water Flushing & washing .
  • Require high treated water quantity.
  • Automobiles Industries.
  • Oil & Gas companies.
  • Iron & Steel Industries.
  • Fertilizer & Solvent Extractors.
  • Petrochemicals & Refinery.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Pulp and Papers Industries.
  • Dye & Chemicals Units.