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Grey Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater from domestic bathrooms, laundries, and kitchen outlets is called greywater. Statistics says that around 30 to 50 percent of the wastewater discharged to the sewer is contributed by greywater. Therefore, by recycling it, we can significantly reduce the load on the infrastructure. With Pollucon Enviro Engineers Greywater treatment Plant, you achieve excellent efficiency and productivity by recycling wastewater.

Typically, greywater may be contaminated with a wide range of insoluble and soluble substances such as detergent, dirt, lint, human hair, saliva, skin and other impurities. Whether it is an organic contaminant or inorganic, particulate or microbial, and surfactant or detergent; appropriate grey water recycling plant is required.

It is to be noted that treating greywater becomes quite difficult when it gets mixed with the black water (wastewater from toilets), then it becomes greatly difficult to clean because the contamination levels go pretty high. We are the finest grey water treatment plant suppliers in town who simply aim to improve the quality of drinking water in your space.

Pollucon Enviro Engineers grey water filtration system should be installed in every household and commercial establishment so that there is a less burden on the public sewerage systems. It enhances the efficiency of municipal systems and ensures improved public health.

Parts of Grey Water Treatment

  • Collection point
    It is the starting point of the treatment system where water gets collected from the property. It is important that the collection points are properly maintained.
  • Aerobic screening
    It is the process of removing insoluble material from the wastewater. The process efficiently reduces the material into almost negligible residue which is discharged into the public sewerage system. Remaining greywater flows to the second stage.
  • Biological treatment plant
    In this process, air is flown into the water so that bacteria can consume impurities up to a large extent. To achieve the maximum metabolizing levels, a sustainable concentration of biomass is maintained in the chamber. As a result, almost all of the incoming waste gets cleaned, and the amount of residue is the minimum. Typically, 99.9% of the water can be reused which is a pretty high level of efficiency.
  • Ultrafiltration
    Special membranes with microscopic pores prevent bacteria, virus, and particles. It is called ultafiltration process. Membranes should be cleaned regularly by air scouring so that maximum cleaning is assured.
  • Disinfection using UV method
    Ultraviolet lamps are used for additional protection against the pathogen. It acts as an additional barrier.
  • Chlorination
    Chlorine is added to the water in reticulation and storage system. It removes impurities by ionizing water molecules.
  • Storage of treated water
    Treated clean water is kept in the storage unit so that it can be used in several applications. Toilet flushing, Surface irrigation and public washing machines are a few examples.

Why Grey Water Recycling plant?

Apart from being the finest grey water treatment plant manufacturer in Gujarat, we even supply high-quality Grey Water Recycling plants that are meant to considerably reduce the workload on public sewerage system, and increase the process efficiency.

  • Since the treated water can be used in several applications, it reduces the consumption of fresh water. Thus, it saves public resources.
  • It reduces the burden on septic tanks or public sewage system. It extends the lifespan of septic tanks. Decreased water flow in the drainage system assures better system effectiveness. It also reduces the cost of production.
  • Reduced flow of water puts reduced burden on the pumping network and treatment plants of municipal corporations.
  • When there is a reduced flow of polluted water in the system, there is a reduced environmental impact.
  • Due to high efficiency, these systems offer a payback in three to five years, making it a cost-friendly choice.

Pollucon Enviro Engineers Greywater Treatment Plant is the best choice

  1. It is easy to install
  2. It has user-friendly console operation system with easy controls
  3. It produces excellent effluent quality
  4. The maintenance requirement is low
  5. Consistent performance
  6. Low consumption of resources

Always choose a system that assures guarantee of performance. Good quality systems are designed specially for water recycling and reuse. The parts and components such as overflow pipes, tanks, and pumps should be covered under warranty and approved by certification authorities.

Make sure that the installation team is experienced and knowledgeable. They should be well-trained and certified. High suspension of impurities can be achieved by better design and efficient working of heat exchangers. A good system reduces the water bill significantly.

Is it safe to use treated Grey Water?

Millions of Grey Water cleaning systems has been installed worldwide. They are quite safe for human life and pets. However, a few things should be kept in mind while installing a system:

  • Treated water looks clean and pure, but it is surely unsafe for drinking. Hence, humans and pets should refrain from consuming it internally.
  • Treated grey water should not be used in kitchen gardens or sprinkler systems. However, it can be used for surface irrigation.
  • Storage of grey water for more than 24 hours is not recommended at all.
    Tank filters should be kept lint free. Holding tanks require regular cleaning to avoid the build-up of sludge.