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Activated Carbon Filter Systems

In Activated carbon filter, principle media is activated carbon supporting with gravel, pebble and sand. Activated Carbon is an effective method for adsorbing organics, removal of chlorine, Color & odor from water. Color is normally expressed in Hazen units and due to the presence of colloidal suspension, aquatic growth and presence of iron. In our activated carbon based filter water passed through activated carbon have optimum iodine valve to remove color odor and chlorine from water & wastewater. It can be used individuals, pretreatment of water as well as post treatment.

Our simple but well engineered media based filter acclaims stringent design, High performance, less pressure drop across the bed, longevity, optimum utilization of surface area ensure us to gain more and more clients’ satisfaction.

Why Activated Carbon utilized as a part of Water Filters

Activated Carbon is utilized as a part of water channel filters in light of the fact that actuated carbon expels from the water most harmful natural mixes in the water like pesticides and substantial metal natural mixes. So passing water through an activated carbon filter enhances the essence of drinking water and furthermore makes water safe to drink by evacuating most harmful natural mixes in the water like pesticides and overwhelming metal natural mixes. Activated carbon filter likewise evacuates smells in water and influences overcast water to clear by expelling shading causing mixes in the water. So activated carbon filter is an exceptionally proficient filter of water and is broadly utilized as a part of water channel filters.

Focal Points:

  • Natural filter media: this water filter media is made from materials, for example, bituminous, wood and coconut shell, no chemicals or other substances are added to water, along these lines a natural filtration process is accomplished.
  • Low-cost and easy maintenance: AC filters are one of the least expensive filters and don’t require much in terms of maintenance. Each brand and model of AC filter cartridge has a specific service life toward the finish of which the filter cartridge must be supplanted.
  • Excellent for improving the taste and smell of faucet water;
  • Good at sifting through other carbon-based, natural chemicals and chemical disinfectants like chlorine and in addition a few microorganisms.

To what extent can Activated Carbon Filter be utilized:

Activated carbon channel in water filters has a constrained capacity to adsorb contaminants from water, thus the activated carbon channel in water filters ought to be changed when it has been exhausted and can’t cleanse water any longer. The pore structure of the activated carbon gets filled or soaked with the adsorbed toxins and it can’t absorb anymore.

At this stage, the activated carbon will begin dismissing a portion of the previously adsorbed toxins once again into the water flowing over it. At the point when this happens, the grouping of toxins in the treated water will be higher than in the crude water being dealt with. The initiated carbon channel cartridge must be supplanted a long time before this happens. The greater part of the enacted carbon channel components are sold saying that they are used for such huge number of liters of water.  This amount depends on a formerly fixed standard amount of contaminants in the approaching water. Your water may have more contaminants thus it is vital to know the nature of your approaching water.